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Tony Lindkold


Professional colorist/colorgrader with experience in post-production, color grading since 2016, editing and photography.

I have extensive knowledge of colour management and a particular interest in lighting and cinematic aesthetics and know that it takes commitment to get involved in a new project to get the best understanding of what you as a client want. Initially, I will look through your film thoroughly and we will have a conversation about what is feasible and what you want before the colorgrading process begins.

Professional Colorgrading Studio

Colorgrading - Studio - Airflix


Colorgrading Studio | Copenhagen

With extensive experience in DaVinci Resolve and own studio with calibrated 10-bit (DeckLink Studio connected) reference monitors, I colorgrade small and large projects such as commercials, SoMe videos, features and much more.

With a 16-core CPU, 32GB VRAM GPU and 256GB RAM in a 2020 Mac Pro with 6K XDR monitor and a Davinci Mini Panel, I have no problem grading 6K timelines with many effects on in real time. The immense computing power saves time - which benefits you as a customer.

Colorgrading Portfolio

Colorgrading Showreel 2022
Colorgrading Showreel 2021
Climate Warriors

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