Flight rules for drones

Prior to your first flight with a drone in Denmark, you need to know the flight rules for unmanned aerial vehicles. The responsibility is yours!

At AIRFLIX we fly drones professionally and flight safety is second nature to us. With this website, we hope to contribute to the knowledge of the general flight rules for drones for the benefit of all of us.

Remember the responsibility to follow the rules is always the responsibility of the pilot - violations are punishable by fines – and the pilot will be liable for damages in case of a crash with personal injury and/or other damage to a 3rd party.

We can only encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules – and comply with them.

Here is an infographic with the main general rules for flying drones in Denmark.

The rules apply to "Open class, Legacy Drones (drones that are not C-marked), DK Specific".


Flight rules for drones
Flight rules for drones

Here you can download the original PDF with Flight rules for drones.

In addition, we refer to Droneregler.dk which is the "Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Agency" official page for drone rules.


Companies can apply for an exemption with the National Board of Transportation, if the drone is used for:

  • Testing purposes
  • Research
  • Commercial purposes
Flightrules for drones – FAQ

What is urban areas?

Urban development is defined as an area "mainly used for residential, industrial or leisure activities, including areas with more than 200 inhabitants, as well as holiday home areas, inhabited campsites, built-up industrial and port areas. In addition, parks, beaches or other recreational area located inside, integrated with or directly adjacent to densely populated area."

No distinction is made between built-up areas and closer developed area.

What are major public roads?

A general definition of a major public road, is a road with a route number, but it can, however, easily apply to other roads with heavy traffic.

Can I take photos of other persons?

Recording of video/photos with drone must abide by the same rules as applicable to all others and is regulated in the Penal Code § 264. It states that you "can not unjustifiably film or photograp individuals who find themselves in a not freely accessible place“. Violations are punishable by fine or imprisonment up to 6 months.

Can I fly indoors?

Yes. However, you must fly on your own or other private property where you have permission from the owner and without no public access. You must not expose other persons, animals or property to a risk.

Can I fly over other people?

No. You are not allowed to fly over other persons. You must not expose other people's lives and property at risk. Therefore, you may not fly near built-up areas, cottage areas, inhabited camping sites or areas with a large number of people assembled.

Can I fly on my own private property?

Yes, provided that you comply with the requirements of the rules, including the requirement to keep a 150 m distance from built-up areas and not flying above 100 metres in altitude.

Ar the rules are the same in other countries?

No. There may be much looser rules in some countries, while you can end up being arrested in others. In addition, there may be a difference between flying privately or commercially. So be sure to know the rules  before you take your drone on holiday.