Prices & Conditions | Drone Video

Each job is unique and of course there are different factors that can affect the price of a drone video. To give the best possible price for drone footage we prefer to quote each job individually  after getting all the details or discussing the project. That said, there is often a desire to have a estimates of prices for drone admissions.

Therefore, here we show an overview of the starting point for  prices on drone footage:


Aerial photo
  • Op+til+5+fotos
  • Forskellige+objektiver
  • 20+MP+fotos
  • 1+times+flyvning
  • Professionel+kvalitet
  • Op+til+5.2K+RAW
  • 8+timer
  • Professionel+kvalitet
  • Op+til+5.2K+RAW

All prices are in DKK excluding VAT. Prices are based on jobs in the Copenhagen City area during daytime hours on weekdays.


In addition, we also offer photo- and video editing from us € 55,- ex. VAT per hour. Jobs on several locations or days is always quoted individually.

Conditions such as driving, time, exemption from the Danish Transport Authority and other influence the price, so we always encourage you to contact us and get a firm offer.

Mileage allowance/catering included in our offer if necessary. If accommodation is necessary, it can be invoiced separately or agreed in advance.

Terms & Conditions

Terms of payment: 14 days (unless otherwise agreed).

We are happy to review our offer in detail and we always deliver our offer in writing once we have received a  full brief from the customer and has a full overview of the requirements and expectations of our product.


As the Danish weather is very volatile and as conditions must be good for drone recordings, we are very flexible when it comes to getting your recordings in the box. Many of our jobs are booked at the last minute. However, we must have time to make our pre-flight preparations and ensure that the flight can be made according to applicable flight rules for drones, as well as ensure that we can meet the requirements for our exemption and any special permit we may have been granted.

Of course, we are happy to pre-book jobs on desired dates, subject to  pre-booked jobs has first priority. However, we are very flexible with booking dates and we have several pilots available and do everything we can to meet your wishes.



All inquiries will be treated confidentially.



Flying drones is fairly weather-dependent. If the weather (rain, strong wind, frost) prevents safe flights on a booked appointment, the client will not be charged, and we will instead try to book the job on a different date.

If a job is cancelled by the customer for reasons other than weather, and is not booked for another time, we will invoice a fee of 30% of the full price of the original quote to cover our costs (preparation, driving, pilot) unless otherwise agreed in advance.

AIRFLIX reserves the right to cancel a flight at any time if we consider that the flight can not be performed safely and/or if the weather is considered to be a risk. AIRFLIX can under no circumstances be held financially responsible for any additional charges that may be inflicted on the client as a result of a canceled flight on grounds relating to safety reasons or weather.



We are very proud of our work and actively promote AIRFLIX and our aerial services. We will never publish footage we have shot without prior authorisation from our clients. However, we reserve the right to use all our footage for our own marketing, be it inclusion in our Showreels for marketing purposes, or showcase in our portfolio on and/or associated social media channels or in other marketing for AIRFLIX. Should this be in conflict with a clients policy, they are advised to inform us about this prior to accepting our services.


Approval of our quotes constitutes acceptance of these conditions.