DJI Kicks – Specifications and prices

DJI Kicks drone-specifications and prices.

DJI Kicks will be the next drone from drone giant. It will be launched at an event in New York on 24 September. may.

Read with the article here and see what else we already know a few weeks before the launch.


There have already been quite a few leaks about DJI's little new. Here is what we know--or think we know--about DJI kick:

  • DJI Spark becomes a very small drone with dimensions about 130 x 150 mm and much smaller than DJI Mavic
  • The battery can be charged in two ways: via USB and with a supplied charging station where you put the battery in and where the magnets will hold it in place.
  • Don't expect flight times over 20 minutes.
  • There will be future-oriented Obstacle Avoidance but when enabled it will reduce max. the speed.
  • Sonar and VPS sensors.
  • GPS/GLONASS in all models.
  • 12MP camera that can shoot in 4 k on a 2-axis gimbal.
  • All features from DJI Mavic.
  • Spark may support DJI's new FPV Goggles.
  • Remote may need to be purchased separately – or there will be two versions (one with and one without remote). Remote will look like the used to Mavic.

You can see a video here that shows the size of the DJI kick:

In the basic version will cost US $449 and DJI Kicks with remote and extra batteries probably up to US $599.

There will probably be a lot of pre-order DJI Kicks – as was the case with Mavic. It is now normal for DJI to launch products that they can not deliver, so expect a long lead time.

Are you at Spark? Is it nothing to you?

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